Return on Investment

There are many ways to achieve a return on investment when implementing an HC-1 system. End users can receive an investment tax credit for the purchase of an HC-1 system. In addition, if you are located in states or countries whose government supports a regulatory standard requiring its utility companies to increase their production of energy from renewable sources, there are additional monetary benefits. For those states or countries that support renewable energy credits, H/Cell Energy Corporation, on behalf of the end user, submits an interconnection application with the local public utility company.

The application is approved based on historical consumption and renewable energy to be produced. Once approved and when the system is operational, the HC-1 system can begin to eliminate the electric bill while generating renewable energy credits. The end user sells these credits to a broker who in turn sells the credits to a utility company so that the utility company can demonstrate their compliance with the regulatory obligations to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Many states or countries that do not offer these renewable energy credits, do offer other cash incentives for renewable energy systems. H/Cell Energy Corporation will work with the end user to maximize tax and energy credits that can generate a solid return on investment.