HC-1 System Implementation

H/Cell Energy Corporation is committed to delivering to end users the best renewable energy system available which includes maintaining a cost efficient pricing structure while focusing on quality and performance. The company manages all projects directly and is involved in all aspects of energy infrastructure build-out utilizing existing staff and subcontractors. For initial end user inquiries, the company performs the following tasks at no charge.

  • initial consultation
  • review of location and energy consumption requirements
  • general proposal outline which includes potential tax and energy credits

If an end user wishes to proceed, the next step is a prepaid feasibility study. H/Cell Energy Corporation initiates the feasibility study and provides the end user a summary as follows.

  • local government zoning regulations and ordinances
  • site plans and site permits
  • energy audit
  • system configuration
  • preliminary design and drawings
  • project contract

Upon execution of the project contract, H/Cell Energy Corporation initiates the system installation which covers the following items.

  • assignment of the project manager
  • completed solar, battery and hydrogen energy system design with signed/sealed drawings
  • completed electrical distribution and interconnection design with signed/sealed drawings
  • preparation and submission of certified design permit package with professional engineering seal
  • completed public utility interconnection applications
  • submission of all construction liability and professional liability insurance forms
  • confirmation of safety compliance
  • site preparation for implementation
  • installation, programming, system start-up, testing and commissioning
  • site restoration
  • preparation of closeout documents with as-built drawings and photos

All project work is performed to specifications that meet local utility requirements as well as domestic and international building codes. Once the system is operational, H/Cell Energy Corporation will monitor performance and energy efficiency for maximum return. The company will also provide any additional maintenance required at standard labor rates. All components come with at least a one year warranty.