HC-1 System Configuration

The HC-1 system is designed to provide clean energy for a better environment. The system not only eliminates the electric bill and dependence on fossil fuels but it also allows you to benefit with tax and energy credits while helping make the environment safe for future generations. The HC-1 system is completely scalable. Outlined below are the basic components of the configuration.

  • solar panels and racking
  • inverters
  • batteries and enclosure
  • battery management system
  • fuel cell
  • hydrogen generator
  • communications controller
  • communications card and interface
  • outdoor enclosure
  • hydrogen storage tanks
  • compressor (optional)
  • hydrogen fueling station (optional)

H/Cell Energy Corporation is a systems integrator that utilizes various suppliers for solar panels, inverters, batteries, fuel cells and hydrogen generators in designing a system that meets the end user demand in an off grid or feed grid environment. The communications controller monitors all components so that energy is produced efficiently. It is programmed on a proprietary basis by H/Cell Energy Corporation. Once installed, the HC-1 system operates as a self-sustaining energy system providing electricity and/or hydrogen fuel for transportation.